“In New Orleans” series [Death, Sex & Money]

podcastTen years after Hurricane Katrina, the Death, Sex & Money team visited New Orleans to interview people who lived through the storm, and came back for the five-part series “In New Orleans.” I helped with post-production on these episodes.

Death, Sex & Money is a production of WNYC, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re in for a treat.

+ “From Raising Hell to Raising Kids”: In the wake of the storm, New Orleans was like a post-apocalyptic world, Terri Coleman says: People threw trash out of windows and she and her friends burned cars. She talks about how Katrina changed her life—and how worried she is that the media will mess up the ten-year anniversary stories.

+ “Becoming the Demo Diva” tells the story of how Simone Bruni became one of New Orleans biggest demolition contractors, pulling down wreckage after the storm.

+ In “Big Freedia Bounces Back” the Queen Diva of Bounce music talks about leaving her house in a boat after the storm, staying at the Super Dome, and getting shot.

+ After the storm, Dr. Kiersta Kurtz-Burke stayed behind to help care for the sick and wounded. In “A Doctor’s Adopted Home” she points out faded posters that still grace the windows of her now-abandoned hospital ten years after Katrina.

+ Dr. Jeffrey Rouse, who was elected New Orleans’ coroner in 2014, came back immediately after the storm to help tend to the wounded. He tells how that period set him down his current path in “How to Get Elected Coroner.”